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Mason County Anti-Drug Coalition

Meetings open to the public every second Tuesday of each month at 4:15pm a the Courthouse Annex Auditorium.

Our Mission

We serve all children and their families.

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We define “Family” as people who work together and take the responsibility for and care for one another by protecting, nurturing, supporting, and educating.


Through effective communication the FRN of Mason County will link citizens to needed services: network within the community to involve families, service providers, business and government; develop and expand services; educate the community and ourselves.                                                                                                                                   


Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Courthouse Annex in Point Pleasant at 3pm; Prevention Coalition meets at 4:15pm.

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Take note of how many pills are in the pill bottles and keep track of your refills. Also, monitor the doses and refills of your child.

Also, ask your provider if you should monitor the timing of when you take your dose. Generally, taking the same dose at a consistent time ensures an effective or therapeutic dose during treatment.



Secure your medicines as if they were other valuables. Keep them in a safe spot, such as a locked cabinet.

Every year, two million people are hospitalized due to drug-related injuries, which includes medication errors, adverse drug reactions, allergic reactions, or overdoses. Safe and secure storage of your prescription medicine can help avoid accidental injuries.



To protect your family’s privacy, remove any personal, identifiable information from prescription bottles or pill packages before you throw them away. Unless otherwise directed, do not flush medications down the drain or toilet.


Disposing medicine prevents unauthorized and unsafe use. One easy way of doing this is to take your medications to a drug take-back box in your area.

Healthy Medical Practices

With your help...

We can all help to protect our kids, families and environment by disposing of our expired or unused prescription medications properly.


The prevention coalition includes members from all sectors of the county that are concerned and interested in addressing drug and alcohol problems of the county.


Reach Out!


For more information on proper storage of medications or the take-back boxes available in Mason County, call the prevention coalition at 304-675-0235.

Relevant Material & Institutions

Healthy Youth Survey 

Find information on substance use and other health-related factors by state, school district, or county for grades 6, 8, 10, and 12

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Our Community​​

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WV Statistics for Sexual Assault/Abuse

WV Health Statistics Center, BRFSS, 2008

Nearly 82%of all sexual assault cases were committed by someone known to the victim

Most (70%) 
sex offenses Were reported to have occurered at a residence or home

1 in 6 adult women and 1 in 22 men
will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes

46.6% of assaults were committed by an acquaintance and 7.4% by an intimate partner

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